Светодиодный куб схема 4 4

светодиодный куб схема 4 4
Numbers 1 — 32 indicates the pin number of the 2×16 pin header shown above. ![]( ) Schematic in a **2D RGB LED Matrix** form The RGB Cube kit inter-connection are presented in a block diagram format. Теперь имея все 8 слоев нам нужно их как-то объединить в один куб. Now we must trim the pins that extend over the wires.

Также соблюдите расстояние между слоями 25мм, чтобы у вас получился идеальный куб. Each of the 16 (anode) columns and the four (cathode) layers are connected to the controller board with a separate wire and can be controlled individually.Anode (red) and cathode (blue) layers. Don’t worry if your soldering isn’t perfect – as long it’s not going to break and the connection is solid, it won’t affect the final product. I admit, my soldering was pretty hopeless, my jig was off, and it all resembled the leaning tower of Pisa. Figure 5 is a representation of a single layer of the cube. Визуально лучше бы смотрелись светодиоды синего цвета с матовой линзой, свечение получается не такое яркое и более равномерное. Whatever it may be, have fun with this part.

Despite this, when a complex cube (such as an 8x8x8 cube) is designed with numerous integrated GreenPAKs, great animations can be designed at very low cost and with good performance. What we need to do is just apply HIGH to the pin at xy[3][0], and LOW to the pin at z[3], simple and understandable.Now, what if I want the LED at xyz[0][0][0] to light up too? Check each hole to ensure an LED can fit snugly , but not so tight that you won’t be able to get it out again, or you’ll have problems when trying to remove a fully soldered layer. Начните сборку с резисторов и панелек, а сам куб паяйте в последнюю очередь.

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