Схема dimensions

Your member reader must have a public constructor which takes ( RolapHierarchy, Properties) parameters, and throws no checked exceptions. Детали строго индивидуальны для каждого дизайна и перевести их придется со словарем (например, cat’s еуе center — центр кошачьего глаза, thin — тонкий, thick — толстый, remaining — оставшийся, line — линия, и т.д.) Используйте количество ниточек для вышивания деталей, указанное в круглых скобках! Suppose you want to create a measure whose value comes not from a column of the fact table, but from an MDX formula. Если игоки 3, используйте большую иглу, когда Вы вышиваете ленточками. This is especially apparent when the fact table is surrounded by five dimension tables. A variant of the star schema the centipede schema, where the fact table is surrounded by a large number of small dimension tables.

Specifying defaultMeasure in element allows users to explicitly specify any VirtualCube Measure as a default Measure. This can be a URL or a fully described ImageObject. mainEntityOfPage CreativeWork or URL Indicates a page (or other CreativeWork) for which this thing is the main entity being described. This kind of dimension is known as a snowflake, and is defined using the operator. The first is a dimensions property for the size of the product, and the second is a warehouseLocation field for where the warehouse that stores them is geographically located. Every schema object (schema, cube, virtual cube, dimension, hierarchy, level, measure, named set) has a caption attribute, and user interfaces such as JPivot and Pentaho Analyzer display the caption rather than the real name.
For example, the Bug category can find or report on types of work items that are labeled Bug, Defect, or Code Defect. The Test Case Count measure has been added. Under the default rollup policy, called ‘full’, the total for that member includes contributions from the children that are not visible. But when data or business size makes this too cumbersome, we’ll have to build a data warehouse or a data mart to streamline the process. There’s one serious problem with the parent-child hierarchy defined above, and that is the amount of work Mondrian has to do in order to compute cell-totals.

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