Complex subject схема

complex subject схема
There are still basic errors but communication is generally maintained.3-4 The level of manipulation of structures and the number of errors make comprehension difficult.0-2 Shows very limited grasp of grammatical structure. Tenses and agreements are reliable, and errors occur only in the most difficult areas. 5-7 The grammatical structures are known, but success in applying them is inconsistent, especially in less common structures.2-4 Evidence of gaps in basic grammar. Other tables are applied only to specific areas of the schedules. Для этого языка характерно использование сложного дополнения с причастием прошедшего времени (Participle II). В такой конструкции обозначено, что не сам субъект выполняет действие, а кто-то другой делает это за него. Эта синтаксическая конструкция используется для перевода, например, таких предложений: Известно, что он хороший и талантливый поэт.

Правильные ответы: She made him promise that he wouldn’t tell anyone. Let the children play in the park, the weather is wonderful. – Разрешите детям поиграть в парке, погода великолепная. You can’t make me do such things. – Ты не можешь заставить меня сделать это. The teacher makes pupils/us learn this text by heart.

Errors in spelling, punctuation and grammar are intrusive and affect comprehension.3-4 Shows poor understanding of the original, and translated in language that has a very limited range of vocabulary. Our prediction turned out to be correct. – Наше предположение оказалось верным. Заполните пропуски, используя let/make, be made /be allowed Your brother’s trousers look terrible. The Dewey Decimal Classification, the Library of Congress Classification, and the Universal Decimal Classification all make use of facets at various points in their enumerated classification schedules. Yesterday the student was allowed to leave early. My sister refuses to let me use her computer. We were made to wear school uniform last year. Well balanced and coherent.11-15 Demonstrates sound overall knowledge and understanding of the topics/texts. A good range of sources and guidance is used.

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